Projects X, XI (fols. 6v-8r)

On the whole, these two do not present items of particular interest in that they are variants of the two preceding. That being said, Project X is interesting for the development from a front to back arrangement to a side to side layout, something which links it closely to the villa Project XX in Book VII, and consequently to Palladio's design (RIBA) for the villa Marcello a Bertesina.

Parallel to this, Project XI (based on Project IX) is now a typical corps-de-logis, one room deep with successive rooms strung out, divided into two autonomous apartments by a large central sala/atrium. The two wings of outbuildings have been made to align with both ends of the main house. All that is now required is the removal of the small gap in-between the two to reach the plan of Grand Ferrara.

An example of the subtle care taken by Serlio for the details is the variation here with respect to the previous project regarding the chimney pots. In the Italian project they are cylindrical with a bulging top, i.e. Venetian, and for the French project they have a square plan, following the model of those on the French châteaux.



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